Monday, May 07, 2007

Action Pad & Action Book

From the Behance site - The Action Pad was designed by the Behance team and is based on the Action Method. The four distinct zones on each page provide a flexible template to get the most out of meetings and everyday brainstorm sessions (see usage guidelines below).

Your Passion is your work, treat it well. The Action Pad is made of 80lb Premium Blend paper with a subtle texture (30% post-consumer recycled), printed full bleed, padded, and perforated along with a three-hole punch.

The Action Pad is part of Behance's Action Method product line, the first in a series of Behance projects to help creative professionals boost productivity and make ideas happen. The Action Method was designed to help us push projects forward by organizing our ideas and focusing on action steps. An accordion-style pamphlet on how to practice the Action Method accompanies every product.

PMS 629U

PMS 137U

PMS Warm Grey 4U

Loyal users of the Action Pad include design studios, freelance fashion designers, advertising executives, and entrepreneurs.

Also check out The Action Book

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